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A boy sits on a yellow blanket with a colorful picture book open, and two more books on a Literati box.
Best Kids Books

Best Picture Books

With your little learner constantly on the go, they’re always looking for the next fun activity to entertain them. One minute they’re playing with building blocks. The next, they’ve found a marker hidden between the couch cushions—uh oh! Looking for a less messy activity that you can embark on together? The best picture books are ones that harness that excitable (and perhaps rambunctious) spirit—while channeling their energy into new listening skills, sound imitation, and image interaction.

Turning the pages of picture books with your child not only builds an appetite for even more baby and preschool books, but also welcomes an invaluable bonding moment of learning and fun. With so many books to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best picture books for your burgeoning readers, including some that will pique their curiosity, teach the importance of caring for others, and are sure to entice a few giggles along the way.

Book cover for Wild Honey from the Moon

Wild Honey from The Moon

by Kenneth Kraegel

Brace yourself for a wild ride as Mother Shrew sets off to save her son from an unexpected illness. The cure? Wild honey from the moon, of course. This picture book contains seven exciting chapters full of twists and turns that’ll take you and your little one on a fantasy-filled adventure. Pace yourselves as Mother Shrew overcomes numerous adversaries on her quest to find the wild honey. As you read, your preschooler can use the book’s vibrant watercolor illustrations to make thoughtful inferences and connections. Wild Honey From the Moon is captivating and creative —and might just be a story you pass down for generations.

Book cover for Don't Wake the Dragon!

Don’t Wake the Dragon

By Bianca Schulz

If you’re looking for the ultimate bedtime story for the tiny tot who loves to say, “I’m not sleepy!” look no further. From the very first page, you learn that the rascal dragon has finally fallen asleep, and it’s up to you and your little one to ensure it remains sleeping. (It’s a bit more challenging and a lot more fun than it sounds!) Using a variety of playful and engaging text, this interactive book sharpens your children’s listening skills (lest they risk waking the dragon!) while simultaneously tuckering them out for their own night of peaceful, fire-snuffed slumber.

Book cover for Bear and Wolf

Bear and Wolf

By Daniel Salimieri

Invite your curious explorer to join Bear and Wolf, two unlikely strangers who become companions as they explore and bond over their shared home: the snowy woods. They masterfully employ their 5 senses to discover discreet, yet beautiful, aspects of their surroundings—an owl overhead, the fish sleeping under a frozen lake, and so much more. Help your child uncover the beauty of appreciating the little joys in life with one of Daniel Salimieri’s best picture books, brimming with poignant illustrations and moving imagery.

Book cover for Duck for President

Duck for President

by Doreen Cronin

Now begins the official campaign: Duck for President. Like many presidential candidates, this duck began his life in a humble pond, progressing up the ladder to the position of farmer and governor. You won’t want to miss any stops on the campaign trail of his most ambitious journey yet: running for president. Your preschooler will appreciate the humorous barnyard illustrations and can even gain a basic understanding of democracy along the way. At the same time, you’ll be laughing at the uncanny similarities between the duck and a few well-known politicians.

Book cover for The Antlered Ship

The Antlered Ship

by Dashka Slater

Marco is an inquisitive fox. And like any curious creature, he has questions… okay, he has a lot of questions. Unfortunately, the other foxes don’t share Marco’s burning need for truth. So when a spectacle of a ship adorned with antlers arrives, Marco joins the crew in search of answers. On this beautifully illustrated quest, your little explorer will find adventure, intrigue, and the answer to a profound secret to friendship. (We won’t give it away, but we’ll give you a hint: asking questions is a marvelous place to start.)

Find the Best Picture Books for Your Kids with Literati

Whether your little one is just beginning to put two-word sentences together or practicing new sight words, picture books are a wonderful place for preschoolers and other young learners to jumpstart a curiosity and love for flipping pages. And here at Literati, we have so many more of the best picture books for your child to discover. 

With Literati’s monthly book club, our team will handpick five curated books tailored to your reader’s comprehension level and interests. Gone are the days of wondering if you’ve found a book they’ll actually like. Instead, you can spend that time reading with them and supporting them on their path to literary success. 
To get the ball rolling, take our personalization quiz to tell us what your learner loves, and we’ll assemble a perfect picture-book box just for them.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
November 17, 2022


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