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Best Kids Books

The Best Nonfiction for Kids

If children could win awards for asking questions, yours surely would have received a medal by now, right? (Same.) As their inquisitive young minds grow, now is the perfect time to take advantage of their thirst for information.

For that, no genre quenches quite like nonfiction. Nonfiction books can help your young reader develop critical thinking skills and connection-making abilities. Whether their current fascination is astronomy, anatomy, or the concave vertebrae of the Allosaurus, this list of best nonfiction for kids will satisfy young quiz masters everywhere.

Book Cover for Life on Earth: Human Body

Life on Earth: Human Body

By Heather Alexander

Calling all parents of future doctors! If your little learner has ever played 20 Questions about potty time or tried to count the hairs on their head, this title is for them. With 100 questions and answers about the human body explained in simple yet engaging ways, Life on Earth: Human Body is the ultimate informational book for young readers ages 5 to 8. It’s packed with kid-friendly illustrations and has 70 exciting lift-flaps to inspire interaction and make learning even more enticing.

Book cover for Illumisaurus


By Lucy Brownridge

T-Rex or triceratops? Your dinosaur lover can have every dino-shaped cake and eat it, too, as they go way back in time. The highlight of Illumisaurus comes when your paleontologist-in-training uses the three-colored viewing lens to explore a kaleidoscope of colorful illustrations. Each color on the lens allows them to discover different facts about the flora, fauna, and majestic reptiles themselves to advance your 5- to 8-year-old to more independent page-turning.

Book cover for Good Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

Good Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

By JoAnn Deak

If your energizer bunny tries to outrun bedtime every night—you’re not alone. With this book, you can prove with science why their brains need quality sleep. With easy-to-understand factoids, they’ll learn the different parts of the brain, each section’s important job, and how rest helps their brains grow stronger. Perfect for preschool to elementary-aged children, this book contains engaging illustrations to help them grasp scientific concepts and learn new words. After reading this book, they’ll (hopefully) be convinced that bedtime is something to look forward to!

Book cover for Pluto Gets the Call

Pluto Gets the Call

By Adam Rex

Your young reader may not have been around to remember when Pluto was canceled as a planet—but we bet you were! After receiving a disappointing call from some of Earth’s top scientists, Pluto takes you on a wild ride through the solar system, complete with playful facts about each of the eight remaining planets. Despite his upsetting news, Pluto has a lighthearted sense of humor that shines in his out-of-this-world space tour. This book beautifully teaches kids about outer space while leaving room for discussion on overcoming disappointment and remaining optimistic about the great, big future.

Book cover for Inside Animals

Inside Animals

By Barbara Taylor

Invite your animal-appreciating reader to learn the ins and outs (literally) of some of their favorite creatures. From the skeletons of rattlesnakes to the lean muscles of penguins, Inside Animals explores the biology of more than 20 animals with kid-friendly illustrations they’ll want to observe, draw, and talk about with their science teacher. As your future zookeeper animatedly discovers how many hearts an octopus has and why a camel really has humps, you’ll understand why this book is on our list of best nonfiction for kids.

Book cover for How the World Works

How the World Works

By Clive Gifford

If you’ve heard your inquisitive little one ask why or how more times than you can count, we have the perfect nonfiction book for you. From technology and space to wildlife and evolution, this book knows a little bit about everything—and it’s here to share the wealth. Take part in a volcanic eruption, say hello to a mob of meerkats, and find the answers to all of their questions as your 7- to 9-year-old rivetingly reads their way to enlightenment. (And even more eye-opening chapter books.)

Satisfy Your Child’s Curious Mind with Nonfiction from Literati Book Clubs

There’s a nonfiction book teeming with answers to all of your reader’s burning questions about life’s greatest mysteries, like “Why don’t crabs have eyebrows?” or “Can you yawn in your sleep?” With an endless supply of the best nonfiction books around, leave it to us to find the perfect titles for your curious reader so they can learn new words, explore their surroundings, and build passions beyond the pages.

As one of our kids book club members, your young reader will receive shipments of books curated just for them, so their next great read is ready at a moment’s notice. Take our quick personalization quiz and pour a tall glass of knowledge for your future nonfiction lover.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
November 15, 2022


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