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A collection of four children's books about legends and myths; on curved mint background with stars.
Best Kids Books

The Best Legends and Myths For Kids

Stories of legends and myths help graduate your reader’s level from picture books to chapter books and graphic novels. What’s more, the best myths for kids lean into history to teach your child valuable, inspiring, and captivating lessons about the world around them. These tales embody the true spirit of storytelling as they’re shared across generations, whispered around campfires, and beloved for their enlightening ethos. 

For your budding reader, the best legends and myths stir plenty of imaginative vocabulary, iconic heroes, and thrilling plot twists into the mix of worldly lessons learned. But if you think this sounds too serious, think again! Our list of legends and myths possesses no shortage of fun for kids. These books will have them planning a campfire storytelling party for their next birthday and speaking up at playtime about the importance of right from wrong.

Book cover for Kai and the Monkey King

Kai and the Monkey King

By Joe Todd-Stanton

This encapsulation of Chinese mythology employs magical gods, tantalizing foods, and mischievous monkeys to tell young readers a tale of true courage. Watch as your child leaps into Kai’s world, animated with vivid full-color illustrations and dynamic vocabulary to help Kai determine what it means to be an adventurer. This engaging read brilliantly simplifies lessons from Chinese mythology for readers ages 5 to 9 and soars through a boundless sky with the important message: not all heroes wear capes.

Book cover for Curse of the Night Witch

Curse of the Night Witch

By Alex Aster

This thrilling page-turner unfolds on an island where everyone is born with a fate-determining mark. When Tor Luna attempts to change his fate with a magical wish, he’s cursed with a shortened lifeline—and must traverse the uncharted island to find a cure. Steeped in Colombian folklore, this story introduces readers to more complex characters like the antiheroic Night Witch, illustrating how good and evil are sometimes more closely linked than meets the eye. Ignite a new love of metaphoric language with this dazzling allegory of bravery, friendship, and determining your own destiny.

Book cover for Odd Gods

Odd Gods

Robin Newman

He’s the son of Zeus and the twin of the most popular young god at Mount Olympus High. So why doesn’t Oddonis feel very… god-like? This lively illustrated story bubbling with silly jokes and wordplay is perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or any 5th-grader who feels a tad different. This read is a fantastic introduction to the best myths for kids as it expertly marries knowledge of Greek mythology with present-day familiarity. Readers will gravitate toward Oddonis’s quirky determination to beat the odds, become class president, and prove that it’s always better to be yourself.

Book cover for The Chocolate Touch

The Chocolate Touch

By Patrick Skene Catling

This contemporary spin on the classic myth of King Midas is beloved by millions of readers and teachers alike for its delightful reimagination and young-reader appeal. It poses a question most children (and most adults) probably ponder: what if everything you touched turned to chocolate? Brimming with witty dialogue and a whimsical cast of characters to help your reader along, The Chocolate Touch wraps themes of gluttony and gratitude into a deliciously layered story that’s sure to satisfy their literary sweet tooth.

Book cover for Dragon Pearl

Dragon Pearl

By Yoon Lee

If your young reader has ever felt the pressure to be like everyone else, this cross-genre tale presents a charmingly relatable heroine in clever, 13-year-old Min. Forbidden from using her magical powers, Min embarks on an intergalactic quest and meets an enchanting cast of ghosts, gamblers, and space pirates that will entertain and build your child’s sense of character recall. Expect your little space cadet to zoom through these pages past bedtime as they follow Min through tricky moral dilemmas in a Korean-inspired adventure through outer space. Once they land safely at home, start them on these fantasy books they’re sure to love.

Book cover for Aru Shah and the End of Time

Aru Shah and the End of Time (Aru Shah #1)

By Roshani Chokshi

Twelve-year-old Aru has a tricky habit of weaving webs of white lies about her life—her trips to Paris, her ties to royalty—to her increasingly skeptical friends. When three classmates finally attempt to catch her in a lie, she unwittingly frees a forceful and wicked demon. Aru’s desperate attempts to undo the cycle of destruction provide 9- to 12-year-old readers with memorable lessons about actions and consequences. Time magazine deemed this story one of the top 100 best fantasy books of all time as it incorporates Hindu epic poetry and high-spirited entertainment in a heartwarming journey.

Uncover the Best Legends and Myths For Kids with Literati Book Clubs

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Authored by Charlie DeTar
November 15, 2022


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