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A young childs fett hang over the edge of a tire swing filled with colorful children's books.
Best Kids Books

Best Easy Reader Books

Your 4- to 8-year-old is discovering the world around them, one new word at a time. So, of course, you want to support them in sounding out new areas for exploration and delight! The best easy reader books for kids encourage everyday learning by offering exciting new challenges in the form of dazzling new words, heartwarming messages, and a whole lot of laughter.

From imaginative stories of young visionaries to uplifting tales of identity and courage, these books will help marry your child’s creative wonder with a concrete ability to sound out words all on their own. Along the way, they’ll build word recognition through catchy phrases, laugh-out-loud jokes, and lyrical sound bites. It’s time to cruise through our expert picks of best easy reader books for kids. (Be warned: You may end up cruising past bedtime.)

Book Cover for Don't Wake the Dragon

Don’t Wake the Dragon

By Bianca Schulz

This zany, interactive tale will transport your reader—and all five of their senses—into a magical kingdom. Their regal task? Lull an awakened dragon back to sleep with a soothing (and oh-so catchy) lullaby. Full of tactile surprises and cheerful humor, this colorful story serves up an energetic plot with plenty of action, like aiding a chaotic cook or shushing a rowdy knight. Work through these challenges with your child to help them finally sing the dragon (and hopefully themselves) to sleep after a long night’s work.

Book cover for Alma and the Beast

Alma and the Beast

By Esme Shapiro

Deep in the midst of the red-headed woods, beyond the bearded mushroom glen, lives a young girl named Alma. Alma lives in her own peaceful, hairy world—until it’s flipped on its head when a strange, hairless beast wanders into her garden. Can Alma and the stranger detangle their differences and see that they’re more alike than not? An engrossing book with rich, eye-catching illustrations, this winning account of an unlikely friendship builds empathy and doles out plenty of intriguing vocabulary to practice aloud.

Book cover for Bogo the Fox Who Wanted Everything

Bogo, the Fox Who Wanted Everything

By Sonja Wimmer

Treat your child to an inventive tale that champions messages of self-confidence, individuality, and never giving up! Bogo the Fox is a tinkerer and visionary. His whimsical creations might seem far-fetched to some forest dwellers, but Bogo dares to believe otherwise. He takes to his sketchbook to strike up everything from wearable wings to night glasses. Page by page, his designs fail him—but he doesn’t renounce his pen. By the final page, Bogo learns to embrace his uniqueness in one of the best easy reader books for kids that tuck in for bedtime with a brimming imagination and boundless dreamscape.

Book cover for the Bad Seed

The Bad Seed

By Jory John

How bad is this bad seed? So baaaaaaaad. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to change his naughty, wicked ways! Set in a metropolis inhabited by legumes, peanuts, and corn kernels, this spunky story is about how one bad seed can affect the whole garden. The tale blossoms into a comical lesson of maturation and redemption. Your little one will love lingering over the gleeful, expressive illustrations and sounding out the uproarious jokes that are perfect for sharing with pals on the playground. (Talk about planting seeds of learning.)

Book cover for Sulwe


By Lupita Nyong’o

A vibrantly illustrated story with a profoundly important message, Sulwe’s titular heroine has guided thousands of children in learning the value of celebrating our differences. Penned by Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, this lyrical story takes readers on a mesmerizing journey from the schoolyard, through the night sky, and back. Along the way, watch as your reader’s vocabulary strengthens before your eyes as they discover new ways to speak their truths and stand up for what is right. This story sings the beautiful song of resiliency and diversity.

Book cover for Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser

By Anne-Fleur Drillon

For the child who dreams of masterminding their own creations, look no further than this dreamy story of friendship, creativity, and play. Emery has always dreamt of building a fantastical flying contraption. So when he discovers a new world of tools in the shed of his new friend next door, you can imagine his exuberance. This might be his chance to build a real flying machine! The magic of exploration is captured on each page as readers enjoy the stylized illustrations and superb language while tagging along on Emery’s big adventure in the sky.

Discover the Best Easy Reader Books for Kids with Literati Book Clubs

We feel confident that any of these best easy reader books for kids will feel right at home on your child’s bookshelf. But the real truth? This list is just the beginning. 

At Literati, we source easy readers for your 4- to 8-year-old that help them learn new words, read aloud more confidently, and tackle pages all on their own. Then we tailor the offering to meet your child at their reading level. With Literati in their hands, there’s nothing your little ones can’t do. 

To get started, check out our personalization quiz that uses your child’s unique preferences to suggest an exciting new batch of curated books just for them.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
November 11, 2022


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