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A very young baby smiles while being held by her mom, someone else holds a board book for her to see
Best Kids Books

The Best Books for Babies

The wonderful world of baby books is full of the best stuff for growing brains. With so many different types of books out there—from touch-and-feel, to counting, and colors—it can be tough to know what’s just-right for your little one! Thankfully, the education experts at Literati have helped illuminate some of the most engaging and educational reads for the smallest of bookworms.

Reading & Development for Babies

Your baby is learning so much about the world around them every second. Books are an integral part of brain development because they provide specific visual and tactile stimulation your baby might not otherwise be exposed to—but not all board books are created equal! 

When it comes to reaping the rewards of reading, you want to introduce certain skills at the right stage of brain development. At Literati, we think great baby books should also be a hit for parents and caretakers too, as reading together provides some of the best opportunities for daily bonding. Here are our picks for the best baby books—spot-on titles for your little one’s brain and bookshelf.

Book cover for Light up the Stars!

Light Up the Stars!

by Gabriele Clima

Interactive board books are a playground for perceptual learning, tailor-made for early brain development.

In Light Up The Stars!, your child will go starry-eyed for all the different ways to grab, pull, and push throughout the book. Young readers will adore the books’ interactive pull-tabs, which unlock the ability to bloom flowers or light up a city skyline. A perfect bedtime read, Light Up the Stars! places the twinkling, majestic world above us into your baby’s hands.

Book cover for One Red Sock

One Red Sock

by Jennifer Sattler

In Jennifer Sattler’s One Red Sock, the Little Purple Hippo can’t find a matching red sock. As she frantically tries on different colors, we slowly learn that perhaps matching socks aren’t really what matters after all. The beauty of Jennifer Sattler’s tale is how it subtly lets children know that mistakes are perfectly normal.

Perspective and humor sparkle throughout this picture book, making it one of the best read-aloud books for young children. But be warned: you may be inspired to mismatch your and your child’s socks (shoes, shirts, and more) well into their elementary school years!

Book cover for The ABCs of Love

The ABCs of Love

by Rose Rossner

Reading with your baby is always valuable bonding time, but no book shares the love like The ABCs of Love. This adorable board book also just so happens to be a fantastic introduction to the alphabet.

These heartwarming rhymes are a great fit for little learners as language development begins to take shape. Adorable animal illustrations and colorful, high-contrast pages also support visual focus. The ABCs of Love is an absolute favorite among Literati parents, and with pages this sweet and comforting, we think you’ll see why!

Book cover for Where's My Llama?

Where’s My Llama?

by Becky Davies

Touch-and-feel elements are essential to supporting tactile perception, which is convenient when little ones can’t seem to get their hands off of them!

From furry llamas to rough cacti, Where’s My Llama is one of our favorite interactive board books thanks to its wide variety of textures your baby will love to explore. As they search for the hidden llama, your baby can lift flaps and find the fuzz, all while immersed in a vibrant and colorful story filled with sensory stimulation and adorable animal friends!

Book cover for Busy Numbers

Busy Numbers: Spin the Wheel to Learn Numbers!

by Clever Publishing

Grab your hard hat and your thinking cap—we’re heading to the construction site! With the help of a spinning wheel and some hardworking builder friends, your baby can learn all about numbers.

Busy Numbers helps little ones develop fine motor skills while getting familiar with basic counting concepts (and perhaps even sparking an interest in machinery). The spinning wheel element is creatively weaved into each scenario; little hands will certainly be kept busy!

Book cover for Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave

by Jessica Hische

Journey together through a world filled with positivity and beautifully hand-written words of wisdom in Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave, written and illustrated by Jessica Hische. This book reminds readers that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunities and empowers them to be bold when trying new things.

Your little one will love listening to these comforting words, making this a perfect bedtime read with the potential to remain a special part of your home library.

Book cover for 8 Little Planets

8 Little Planets

by Chris Ferrie

We all know the planets are extraordinary, but did you know that they can also be… adorable? In 8 Little Planets, you and your reader can explore the most fun and friendly solar system in the universe!

The bright colors and layered pages of this delightful board book take little ones on a tactile trip around the sun. As your little one tours the galaxy, the book celebrates the unique qualities of each planet. Set to the tune of “Ten Little Monkeys,” this stellar story’s familiar rhythm makes it a super fun read to keep in the nightly orbit!

Book cover for Which One is Different? Numbers

Which One is Different? Numbers

by Kasia Dudziuk

Now that we’ve got colors and letters covered, let’s talk numbers! Our #1 pick for an introduction to the 1-2-3’s is a playful and interactive board book, Which One is Different? Numbers. This book asks readers to spot the differences in its illustrations: “Which bicycle has 2 wheels?””Can you find 1 car on its own?”

As your baby gets more familiar with object identification, this book can support their ability to discern differences. The combination of everyday objects and larger-than-life dinos keeps little readers engaged, while interactive counting gives them a headstart on math and problem solving.

Book cover for Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Colors

by Juliana Perdomo

Rainbow Colors is a creatively designed introduction to the colors of the rainbow that features humorous search-and-find rhymes and a message of inclusivity with diverse children from all over the world.

Curved and layered “touch-and-feel” board pages increase in size as you move through the book, which helps to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination as they turn the pages. Rainbow Colors delivers on more than just bold hues—it’s an all-around fantastic addition to your home library as your baby’s cognitive development leaps into bold new territory!

Little Learners Thrive with Literati

Board books offer a world of shapes, colors, sights and sounds to stimulate your baby’s senses and help them understand their surroundings. Literati’s personalized book clubs are designed to help equip you with the best books for your baby’s developmental progress while they’re growing every day.

Every box of books is curated with the help of education experts, so you only get books that are perfect for your little one’s development, and introduce the right skills at the right time. Take the personalization quiz today and get your first box of perfectly-curated, exceptionally engaging stories today!

Authored by Charlie DeTar
October 12, 2022
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